Eagle Universal Services, LLC (EUS) founded in 2009. “Ready to Serve”, EUS is a company that provides construction contracting services ranging from preventive maintenance, remediation, and disposition of existing buildings. We can help take them down, sustain, or build them up. Utilizing state of the art technique, and sound environmental methodologies, we take extreme pride in what we do, providing what we call, “building forensics”.

EUS in 2012-2013 received a perseverance award from Georgia Mentor Portege Connection in partnership with GMSDC, Georgia Tech, and Enterprise Innovation Institute. This was accomplished via our participation in the Georgia Minority Supplier Development Council.  We worked with and continue to work with JE Dunn Construction as our Mentor and Strategic Partner.

Today,EUS has expanded into a leading provider of Facilities Maintenance, Construction Contracting and Environmental Services for large commercial and retail, multi-location companies, as well as, small to medium-sized companies throughout the Southeastern United States. From large-scale remodeling and expansion projects to small repair and maintenance tasks, EUS manages the complex needs of companies in multiple locations and can be trusted to provide services in facilities like the Atlanta Federal Reserve.

Our experienced team can handle your entire construction or repair process and reduce your facility maintenance and repair costs by consolidating services down to a single source.We offer competitive hourly rates and estimates for Facilities Maintenance, Construction Contracting and Environmental Services. By having our own team of technicians and leveraging costs with suppliers,we are able to attain competitive prices.

Our team is dedicated to reduce spending by addressing your facility concerns,with our automated system and 24 hour Customer Solution Center. By maintaining a prime level of self performance, this allows our team infrastructure to deliver the highest level of response, quality, and professionalism. From start to finish, you’ll get real-time, detailed information about your projects or repairs.

At EUS, we are dedicated to our partnerships with each company,while continually improving our support through customer feedback evaluation.Our coverage areas include AL, GA, KY,MD, SC, NC,TN, VA, and WV.
We exceed customer expectations by being “Ready to Serve”, superb customer response, service and quality.