Information Technolgy


Information Technology


We develop, integrate, operate and maintain Mission Systems for space, defense, intelligence, homeland security, and homeland defense customers. We also provide remote 24×7 software technical support, rapid problem solutions, and product usage advice for all software products.

  • Cyber Security
    • Certification & Accreditation Support (C&A Support)
    • Cyber Security Integration (CSI)
    • Information System Security (IS Security)
    • Identity + Access Management
    • Network Security
    • Endpoint Security
    • Cloud Security
    • RMF (Risk Management Framework) (IA)
    • Technical Assessment
    • Cyber Forensic
    • Wireless Security
    • Information Assurance
  • Software Support
  • Systems Administration
  • Performance Analysis
  • Disaster Recovery
  • Installation
  • Business life cycle and systems software development
  • Mobile application design, development, deployment and support

All-In-One Print Services


From desk-top printers to networked Multi-Function Devices (MFDs), Provide complete and secure enterprise print management for your organization.

Management and support services: critical day-to-day management services to maximize ROI, availability, and end-user customer satisfaction and drive innovations. Delivery management provides a single point of contact and accountability for ongoing planning and management and future ROI roadmaps.

  • Hardware Configuration
  • Print Network Configuration
  • Print Server Management
  • O&M of Devices
  • O&M of your Print Network

Intelligence / Homeland Security


We provide solutions and technology to safeguard our nation and “Way of Life.” Eagle Universal Services LLC has the agility to integrate systems to strengthen America’s First Line of Defense for internal security.

  • Multi-level Security
  • Site Software Development
  • Mission Planning and Evaluation
  • Special Technologies Identification
  • Management and Analysis of Intelligence and Risk
  • Maintenance of National Security

Systems Engineering and Program Support


We provide the following capabilities:

  • Requirements
  • Modeling and Simulation
  • Design and Development
  • Operational Concepts
  • Test Engineering
  • Independent Validation and Verification
  • System Design, Development, and Testing

Logistics Operational and Management Support


Eagle Universal Services LLC provides problem solving solutions and support to our customers’ mission. Solutions are provided from a broad range of personnel with years of experience in logistics, processes, and concepts.

Logistics Support

  • Training
  • Strategic Planning & Execution
  • Supply Chain Management
  • Facilities & Systems Management
  • Deployment Logisitics
  • Constructions and Environment Services


Management Support

  • Project and Management Control
  • Graphics Design
  • Website Design and Maintenance
  • Procurement Support
  • Leadership & Development

Administrative Support


We provide the following capabilities:

  • Data Entry
  • Reproduction Services
  • Records Management
  • Maintenance of Action Control Systems
  • Maintenance of Reference Materials
  • Word Processing
  • Travel Processing